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Nestlé отбиващи храни

Nestlé Млечен десерт КАЙСИЯ

Nestlé Milk dessert APRICOT. A tasty solution, suitable for dessert or between meals.

    Ingredients:  heat-treated  milk (88%) [[ milk, lactic enzyme, thickener (pectin)], sugar, apricot puree (3.5), tapioca starch,  whey protein, natural flavoring.


    * HRS - Nutritional Reference Values 
    ** The salt content is a result of the naturally occurring Sodium.

    This product DOES NOT CONTAIN gluten .
    This product does not contain colorants, preservatives or artificial flavors.
    This product contains milk. Not suitable for babies with a protein allergy to cow's milk.


    Хранителна информация

    Хранителна информацияНа 100 g(1 порция)
    Енергийна стойност383 kJ/91 kcal
    Мазнини3.2 g
    - от които наситени мастни киселини2.0 g
    Въглехидрати12.2 g
    - от които захари8.1 g
    Влакнини0.5 g
    Белтъци3.1 g
    Сол**0.09 g
    Калций100 mg (25%*)

    IMPORTANT: Hands must be washed thoroughly before preparing food. Use only well-washed utensils. Improper use and / or storage poses risks to your child's health. Do not consume if the integrity of the package has been destroyed before opening. For complete information, keep the carton.

    Breastfeeding should continue as long as possible after weaning.


    • Store at room temperature before opening.
    • Do not add sugar.
    • Once opened, refrigerate for no more than 24 hours.
    • Serve at room temperature.

    Suitable for use until the end of: 
    see the front window.

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